I want to tell you about myself

Encourage you, you strengthen,

Accompany you


Until you go on without me

We all experience troubled, stormy times when the waves hit up and we threaten to get lost. Our view is then blocked by insecurities, fears, injuries and experiences that sometimes shake us deeply into the spinal cord.

Changes and challenges are not only negative, but also positive. They help us to grow, to become stronger.

I too experienced all this on my way and, privately and professionally, dared to start over and change direction.


I moved from northern Germany to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vienna. I know what it is like to reinvent yourself professionally or to have to orientate yourself in an unknown, culturally new environment.


I developed my company MOVES consulting in Vienna and made it internationally successful. Today I work worldwide with my employees. Our core business is the immigration of key workers. Above all else, it is important to me that my customers feel comfortable with me and my employees, are safe and always welcome.


My training as a coach and life and social counselor makes a big contribution to this.

I have been working as a career and expat coach for more than 15 years. I have already been able to help many people to give their lives a new direction.

From my work with expats, I know that emigrating to a foreign country is a psychological burden and a challenge for the whole family. It is important to know how to carefully but carefully help the client to make the transit from their own home country to their new home abroad.



My many years of experience in advising expats flow into my potential coaching. It takes a lot of empathy and experience to think and feel your way into another person's situation, to recognize your potential and, above all, to gain your trust to open up.

What makes

me happy


It is to accompany people on their new path to a professionally successful and privately fulfilled life. My training as a life and social counselor, as a systemic coach with a focus on person-centered therapy and as a certified adult educator help me with this. I will give you practical tips and information along the way.


I like to compare it to cycling. First of all, you need supports to find balance. Over time, which varies greatly from person to person, you learn to drive without their help. The moment has come exactly when my task has been completed.


I am convinced that everyone has the potential to do so.

I look forward to getting to know yours!



Kornelia Epping

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