To find out whether you want to work with me, I invite you to a free 20 minute Telephone conversation or online conversation via Skype or Zoom.


Contact: +43 (0)664 420 55 96


If you decide to work with me, you can choose from the following options:


Potential coaching

15 min cost-free introductory call

Consultation unit € 85,-

12 consultation units of 50 min € 816,-

24 consultation units of 50 min €1500,-


Expat coaching

First consultation unit € 150,-

Follow up consultation unit €85,-

12 consultation units of 50 min € 816,-

24 consultation units of 50 min €1500,-






The right framework is particularly important for every consultation: In my practice in Vienna, we work in a protected room under the seal of secrecy. 


I understand advice and support as a way that we go together. In this process there is room for everything that may have been previously hidden. It's about activating and strengthening your personal problem-solving skills - for a future worth living in.

12 week agreement


The question of the duration of a consultation process can only be clarified individually.

When coaching a specific issue, we generally work within a session and define a goal for the individual appointment, which is then completed. 
In order to work on and develop a more complex subject area, it may be necessary to work over a longer period of time. A typical frequency in such a process would be appointments at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks, whereby we make the agreement that is most helpful for you for your personal goals.


12 consultation units of 50 minutes each € 816.00

24 week agreement


So that your paths become more viable for you, you will learn to understand why we humans acquire, train and consolidate certain behaviors. What positive intention is behind this behavior and how we can slowly change this behavior in the desired direction. Stress reduces with increasing relaxation, and we "cephalopods" relax as soon as we understand something better.

Self-knowledge (from the unconscious into consciousness) and self-help for your change process are the central concerns so that you can go step by step on this basis. 


24 consultation units of 50 minutes each € 1,500.00

Dates and cancellation policy


Appointments will be kept free for you by me. If I cancel less than 48 hours before an appointment, I have to invoice the costs. At the same time, I also undertake to adhere to this cancellation policy.

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