Whether you go to another country, move to a different culture or wake up one morning and make the decision, for whatever reason and with whatever motivation, to give his life a new direction - it is always a break-up,

a new journey to yourself.

My methods


Systemic advice refers to the basics of systems theory, systemic family therapy and counseling science. It does not explain people's behavior in isolation from their internal properties, but from their relationships and interactions with one another and with their system environment.



The Person-centered approach, goes back to the American psychologist Carl Rogers (1902–1987). It is based on the conviction that a person has an inherent potential for personal development and constructive shaping of his life, which can develop and realize in encounter from person to person. 


The same techniques and methods that have already helped many of my expat clients to gain a foothold in a new home have proven themselves time and again with my clients who want to change their lives, be it privately or professionally.


  • You learn to recognize your needs and thoughts and shape it into a new concept of life.
  • You will find the right strategy for you whichdoesn't just stick to your visions, but creates your very own action plan.
  • You develop courage and self-confidenceto implement into your life concept and not to lose motivation for long-term goals.

That's my job -

to be your navigator!

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