Experiencing foreign countries and cultures is like looking into a kaleidoscope.

What we see in it depends entirely on our perspective.

We usually perceive traveling as a positive adventure that expands our horizons. It is a different matter if your employer offers you to be posted abroad.


Moving to another country and changing jobs can be a big challenge - especially for a relationship, for the family, partner and children. You may already know the other country and yet traveling is fundamentally different from living and working abroad.

Expat counselling helps to prepare for the change in a targeted, informed and empowered way:


  • as a first step, check whether the destination is fundamentally suitable for you as a new place to live and work
  • organise your new home and work environment with practical information
  • To familiarize you with cultural differences, codes of conduct, dos & don'ts
  • find help for your travelling partner in finding a job
  • or…

As a life counsellor, former expat and many years of experience in professional immigration, I know only too well what stumbling blocks there are. Especially for partnerships, which are not infrequently

put to the test.


But don't worry, the most important thing

is already with you :




I look forward to seeing you on your way to a new life

to accompany and thereby to discover your strengths, your potential 

. It is worth it, it will enrich you!

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